geopanoramicis a small, innovative digital imaging company, specialising in visual media, photography and geographic information systems based in Poland and offering their services throughout the Europe.

Our professional fullscreen virtual tour presentations with innovative techniques in 360 degree photography and a high degree of quality whilst still being a very cost effective solution for small businesses to large multinational corporations.

GeoPanoramic sells services to companies operating in the Tourist, Hotel and Trade industry, i.e. public bodies that wish to promote the tourist features and the cultural and environmental heritage of the area.

So far the virtual images created and published have been mainly tourist or illustrative panoramic images, virtual tours of towns and cities or areas of particular tourism, cultural and landscape interest, commissioned by local authorities, but the Company's strategy will be to develop the commercial application of these images for the promotion of economic activities relating to the tourism and leisure, as well as to the luxury, automotive, real estate, industrial and commercial industries.

Geographic Information Systems - digital cartography

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We support GIS processes involved in creating, updating and sharing of spatial development plans.

Our services include:

  • The acquisition of source materials (basic and topographic maps, thematic maps, extract data bases, etc.)
  • Processing of source materials for planning (digital processing and calibration of paper maps, raster files processing, vectorization of maps or their components, synchronizing digital maps stored in various formats and coordinate systems, making prints of working)
  • Analysis of source materials and perform thematic maps (topography, cadastral maps and land-use etc.)
  • Understanding digitization plans (plan drawing introduction to computer systems)
  • Prepare a plan for an information recording and subsequent sharing arrangements
  • Professional large-format prints of the graphic plan (in accordance with the rules)
  • Liaising with access to geospatial information (the centers of geodetic and cartographic)
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